The First Step – Application

It all started with the application process (obviously 😛 ). As I was surfing the various summer/research opportunities one day,  I came across the CERN Summer Student Program and the CERN Openlab Summer Student Program. I had applied to the Openlab Summer Student Program last year, but did not get selected then 😥 . However, I decided to try my luck again this year.

After making sure I made the best possible CV for myself, I uploaded that on the application profile. The essays though, were the most time consuming and important for me. Considering that English is not my first language, it was vital that I utilized the word limit (1800 characters) in the most efficient way possible. So, I had to write, rewrite and proof read, again and again, with the help of a friend (and some seniors as well, since they were more experienced than me). A little extra attention to detail this year made my application much ore precise and effective than the one from the year before.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while completing your application. I know these small details made my application WAY better than the one from the year before.

  • Utilize the word limit to the maximum extent. After all, 1800 characters is not a lot.
  • Start writing the answers to the essay questions early. It will give you time to rethink all you write and polish it.
  • Try to mention all the important projects, skills and techniques/tools that you feel you are an expert in. That is the part that decides how suitable you are for a position.
  • Know your strengths (you should always know your strengths 🙂 ). Emphasize on your strengths and how they can be of use to the projects at CERN.
  • Take time to read and re-read your answers. You will always find some improvements to make. 
  • Ask a friend, or colleague to proof read it for you. Its good to have a second opinion. They might point out some irregularities, redundancies or vague sentences.
  • Do not lie. And do not try to sound smarter than you actually are. This is more of a common sense rule 😛 

All in all, try try try. If you do not get in the first time, TRY AGAIN! 😀

Best of luck ^_^


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