Visa, Flight and Reaching Geneva

It was the 21st of April when I happened to hop across my application, I dont remember the reason now. The status had changed  😃  It showed “selected”  ^_^ !!! I could not believe it, and the first thought that came into my mind was “This must be some database error”  😃

But not much later, I got the email telling me I had a successful application. My first reaction was to start jumping! It was the best feeling EVER!!

Then started the process of getting a visa, make travel and accommodation arrangements and prepare for the journey.


The appointment time for the Swiss embassy in Pakistan is quite long, specially in the summer time which is the peak travel time for vacations. Therefore, it was wise to apply for the appointment at the embassy right away. I got the first available date of a month later 😐  While waiting for the appointment, the students outside of EU were emailed (and later mailed) the required documentation to be used in getting the visa. The administration at CERN, the Openlab team specifically is really helpful. They make sure that the process goes smoothly and are always there to guide and help – one of the things I loved the most about CERN!

I applied for the visa on 23rd of May, and was informed that it is ready for collection on 3rd June.


I traveled through the Turkish Airlines, and even though it was my first experience flying, I can say confidently that it was a great choice. I enjoyed the flight, from the view of the Black Sea, the beautiful beaches of Istanbul, the Alpes and the lakes, to the food served during the flight and the warmth of the crew, everything was amazing!


I arrived at the Geneva International Airport on 25th June. I had a few hours between my landing and the hotel shuttle’s pickup time. So I sat at the airport, absorbing the new culture and environment around me  😃  This was the beginning of a new chapter of life. Independence, travel and post-student/professional life, all amalgamated into one memorable summer.



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