First Day at CERN

I woke up on 27th June, happy and full of energy! It was my first day at CERN!! 😀😀Everyone was excited to begin this new adventure. So I got ready, and went to CERN on the hotel shuttle at 8:00 in the morning. While waiting at the reception for our access cards, we all made new friends, introduced ourselves and talked to people from all over the world. After much waiting in the queue, I received my access card, found my building, found my secretariat (the LHCb Secretariat) and was shown to my office.


Aaaah! The office space. I had my own desk, amidst of 16-17 other summer students in the building 510. I was a part of the LHCb – one of the four experiments at the LHC – team. It was the best place to work. I settled myself there, and waited to meet my supervisor.


My supervisor was an amazing person! Kind, cheerful and with an exceptional sense of humor. He told me about work, vacations, holidays, travelling, food and a lot more; to familiarize me with the basic procedures and environment at CERN.

And before I knew it, the day was over! I found my way back to the hotel, ready and looking forward to the summer that followed. 🙂


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