Food @ CERN

For a foodie and an all-time hungry person like me, food is a very important part of the day 😃. CERN has two restaurants, R1 and R2. Other than these, there are small cafeterias/restaurants in some buildings as well, like B-40 or B-13. My office was located in Building 510, which is very close to R1, therefore, I had lunch at R1 everyday (with a few exceptions). We had a small lunch group, that would gather everyday in R1 and share their work problems over lunch 😛

Tuna, with rice and carrots.
Tuna, with rice and carrots.

The R1 has a variety of food to eat everyday. There is always a vegetarian option, a fish option, one or two other meat options in the Menus. Apart from those, there is pizzas, pastas, french fries, and special of the day.

Fish with sides Pasta and Zucchini
Tofu Salad. The most delicious salad I have ever had.
Fish with sides Tomato and Peas.
Broccoli Gratin with sides Turnip and Wheat.
Fish and Chips.
Fish with sides.
Vegetable Soup. My last lunch at CERN.

Other than the menu items, there is a Salad buffet with fruits, vegetables, fish, various meats, tarts, quiches, cheese and so many other items. There is also ‘Grab N Go’ that has salads, sandwiches and fresh crepes and coffee.

Tomato soup with fruit salad.

Moreover, there are loads of chances of getting free food at the bar b qs and parties. 😃

Vegetarian skewer from the Women in IT BBQ

In short, there is always something for everyone to eat, no matter what their food preferences are. The food is good and comparatively cheaper than other places in Geneva. The summer students also get a 10% discount on the menu items  😃


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