Innsbruck – The Beautiful

Instead of going back to Geneva for the weekend from Zurich, I traveled a bit farther to Innsbruck. I had a friend there, from a long time ago, and seeing Austria on postcards and photos, it just seemed right to visit it while I had the chance.


It was my first experience to see a bus getting late, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a city I did not know. I reached the Munich bus station on time. And then for the next three hours, I had no choice but to sit and freeze while waiting for the bus 😀. Anyhooo, it was fun. I met a person from Taiwan for the first time ^_^.


I slept in the bus and woke up when we had already entered Innsbruck. My first thought when I woke up was “So THIS is heaven!! 🙂“. The houses were painted in vibrant green, orange, yellow and blue colors. The clouds floated right above them, making them look like halos on the houses. Above the clouds I could see the mountains, bright green coming out from behind the clouds and then turning into rocky brown and finally pure white as my eyes followed them to the peak.

Views from the Hafelkarspitze.



The sky and the color ^_^

Apart from the natural beauty of the place, the city square is also beautiful.



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