Paris! The city of love and lights…

It was not possible to stay in Europe for two months without visiting one of the most famous cities of the world – Paris! 🙂 An 8 hour bus ride took us to Paris on the Friday 5th August’s night. We reached Paris early in the morning, went to Christopher’s Inn to drop our luggage, had breakfast from their buffet and went on a tour of the city. The first day consisted of the following tourist attractions in the given order.

Sacre Coeur

Wall of Love
Moulin Rouge!
L’église de la Madeleine
Arc De Triomphe
Place de la Concorde
The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower at night is one of the most beautiful sights in Paris.

Some other stops also included the Disney shop, Mercedes Showroom and other shops and streets. We traveled via Metro on the longer distances, and then walked to the places while breathing in the Paris air :mrgreen:

After a long and tiresome day – and after losing some friends and then finding them – we went back to the hostel, had a good night’s sleep before starting off again on Sunday. The next day was less tiresome, but much hotter.

The Louvre
The Louvre
The Louvre – The Mona Lisa
Notre Dame

One day, or even two or three days are not enough to see Muse du Louvre fully. It is HUGE 😀! However, we managed to cover the most important parts, like Mona Lisa, the Egyptian section, Napoleon’s rooms etc.

Again, after a tiresome day, we went back to the hostel picked our stuff, and ran towards the bus station since we were late 😛. We managed to get on the bus just in time. The next day, Monday, was work again…. 😉


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