A Birthday in Chamonix

Chamonix is by far the MOST beautiful place in Europe I have seen. The greenery, mountains, river, houses built that compliment the scenery around them and a hustling bustling city center – everything makes me want to live there forever. The three of us roommates, along with another friend went to Chamonix on the 21st August, to celebrate my roommate’s birthday. We missed our bus by half an hour, so it was quite surprising that we made it there by getting on the next bus (without paying any extra) 😀.

We reached in the morning and went up via cable car, stopping at the first stop to waste some time. Then moved on to the upper peak, “Stepped into the Void”, had lunch in the cafeteria there (their cheese sandwiches are DELICIOUS!!!!) and continued with the remaining spots to see.


After spending the whole day flying above clouds, we reached the hotel after 23:00. There was still time, so we went to Charlie’s Pub in St. Genis to eat Pizza and wrap up the birthday with a roommate bonding session and dinner. Charlie’s Pub has the best pizzas at St. Genis, even better than the Italian restaurant next to the hotel.


It was my last weekend there, and it was one of the very best ones ^_^


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