Souvenirs, Shopping, Goodies

Intel, being a sponsor of Openlab, gave away Intel goodies to all the Openlab summer students. This was the best stuff – free stuff!!! 😃


Wherever I went in my two months there, I made sure to get atleast one souvenir from that place. Not because I was going to forget about the place later, but because I wanted to save a small piece of that place with me forever. Fridge magnets seemed like the most easy to find and carry, so I chose to collect those from every city during traveling.
For CERN, there is a souvenir shop at the Reception in building 33.  It has post-cards, hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, pens, pencils, key-chains, mugs, bags, books and so much more stuff related to CERN. The four experiments: LHCb, ATLAS, ALICE and CMS have their own souvenirs as well in their secretariats.


For Geneva, the Lake is surrounded by small shops, which have everything relate to Geneva and Switzerland. There i also a shop at Restaurant-1 at CERN which has Swiss souvenirs.

The summer students got together to make custom t-shirts, hoodies and mugs for this summer student batch. They had all our names at the back, in the shape of the globe. One of the most priced possessions of mine at the moment ^_^


The Openlab t-shirts arrived late, so I am waiting for mine via mail! 😦



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