A News Website by Web Scraping/Crawling

Web scraping or web crawling is the simplest method of extracting data from web pages without having to use any API. :mrgreen: It works by getting data out of the HTML on the page.
One of the easiest to use crawlers is Goutte. This tutorial shows step by step guidance on how to create your own news website by crawling your favorite news websites and pulling out data from there.

Step 1

Start by installing the required tools on your system. If you’re working on a host already configured with Goutte, you’re good to go. Follow the steps here for installation.

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QR Code Scanner Application using Zxing

Its been a few weeks since I created this blog but could not decide what to post first. There was so much to share, too many options. Finally, here’s my first blog post. I hope you find it useful.

A few days back I was trying to Integrate ZXing QR Code  into my android app without having to install BarCode Scanner app. A lot of tutorials I found on the internet went with the installation of BarCode Scanner app which opened BarCode Scanner whenever a scan was required.

However, a much elegant way is to implement a built-in scanner. The easiest way according to my experience is using Zxing Android Embedded. The method requires nothing extra-complicated and it worked for me perfectly. Here’s the link to the complete working project on github.

This tutorial guides you through the steps to create a basic QR scanning app on Android Studio, which displays the scanned result in a dialog box. There are 7 simple steps. Lets get started.Read More »