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Need a dose of literary oomph and inspiration? Here’s a selection of uplifting reads — all suggested by TED speakers — for your end-of-year break. When you get snowed — or rained — in Take This Stallion by Anaïs Duplan An hour with this book will change even the pitch of your internal thoughts, as…

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Of OSSs and FYPs – Part 4

This post comes quite late as my semester ended in June. I have been really busy in the summers (the summer series will be up soon 😛 ). Anyways, my contribution to the MPJ Express software can be found on the GitHub repository. Enjoy this short video that summarizes our efforts 😀



Of OSSs and FYPs – Part 3

The new semester starts tomorrow, the final one 😥 , and I am all ready to start working after being lazy in the vacations! 😀 Being lazy is important too, it makes me ME 😎

As mentioned earlier in this series, I’m responsible for incorporating dynamic process management in the MPJExpress runtime. So here goes a brief introduction of what DPM actually is.

Introduction To Dynamic Process Management: 

A feature added in the MPI spec 2, dynamic process management can be simply described as creating and ending new processes on an already running job. Read More »

Of OSSs and FYPs – Part 2

It has been a while since I started working on my final year project, and one thing is for sure: it is no piece of cake 😥 . I will not call it impossible, or terribly difficult, but well…
On the brighter side, the research and reading phase is now over and I am going to start writing some code very soon!! 😀
I must say I find my part quite interesting (lots of room for experimenting 😛 ). Which is great, since the level of interest in whatever task I have to do is a game-changer for the results.

Of OSSs and FYPs – Part 1

I have been working on small Open Source Software for some time now. It started as a hobby when showing off what I had made seemed cool, most of the stuff being related to the course work. I have come across multiple organizations who encourage girls to code (and contribute to open source software) like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Robo Gals etc. However, it comes as a shock to see only 16% of the tech industry comprising of females. Moreover, only 6% of the GIT contributors are females! 😮 😕 (stats from the mentioned sources)

Meanwhile, the final year of my degree had just begun. Read More »

Good morning starshine. The earth says Hello World ^_^

“This is my very first post. I clicked on the Edit link to modify or delete it, chose to modify it. I’d like to use this post to tell readers why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.” :mrgreen: 😀

I’ll be talking about short tutorials, issues, common errors and their solutions faced by novice programmers. Enjoy 🙂